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All about the smara

Everyone knows that smara is a beautiful land of Russia. Every tourist plane to visit this at least once in life because this area has many mysteries for people to reveal. It is a region of pride for the people of Russia. Throughout the year, Samara is packed with visitors from different continents of the world. Every place has some interesting history behind its discovery so is the case with Samara. You might be curious about knowing this astonishing information about Samara. This article will enlighten you about the history and major attractions of Samara.

History of smara

Samara was previously known as Kuybyshev. This city was discovered in the year 1586 as a fortress which protects the Volga trade route. Later one, this region becomes famous for trade, and now it is made as the regional seat. By the year 1953, smara was renamed after a prominent Bolshevik. This city grows enormously during the time of World War II. When Moscow was threatened by the attack of Germans, this place was evacuated by the government functions. This city was then reverted to its older name by the year 1991.

Location of smara

Samara is situated on the European side of Russia known as Samara Oblast. It is situated 50.15 longitudes and 53.20 latitudes. Samara is located at an elevation 118 meters above the sea level. It has a population of approximately 1,134,730 which makes it one of the biggest city in the entire Samara Oblast.

Contribution to the economy of the nation

This city of Russia lies among the largest industrial cities of Russia. Samara is the home to a network of pipelines, with petrochemicals and oil refining as the major industries. Moreover, there are many engineering factories that make a large range of products such as ball bearings, petroleum equipment, cables, precision machine tools, and other machinery. This city makes excellent communications by ship along the rail lines which is connecting it to the Central Asia, European Russia and Siberia. This city is contributing a lot to the economy of the country as it has the major cultural and research centers.

Tourism in smara

Smara has many attractions for tourists. One of the most visited area is the¬†Monument of Glory which is the epicenter for many tourists. It is the most important symbol of smara. This statue was constructed in honor of Samara’s aviation workers during the era of Second World War. It has the sexless figure at the top of the column which is indicating a set of wings. This place of Samara intersects with the Samarskaya Ploshchad to form a huge expanse. It is believed to be the main administrative district of this city as many important government buildings are located in its square.

Moreover, this city is usually known as the city of museums as it has the most comprehensive and biggest museum. There are remains of many ancient animals like bones of a dinosaur. It has an ethnographical section which exhibits the people who lived in the area of Volga long before the Samara existed.




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