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Report 121: Social Media Usage in Different Countries

The advancement in technology (Wagner, 20015) has led to increase in use of social media. Technology has spread across the globe and has thus shrunken the distance of communication among people living across the globe. Social media has become one common platform that now resides in the range of every person across the globe. The social media usage is increasing day by day, the number of social media users are increasing every day. Initially, the social media trend began from the developed countries, this idea was first introduced in the developed countries, and more people using social media applications belonged to the countries with good internet coverage and had better knowledge about the technology and its advantages.

But with the increase in the internet usage followers (Menéndez, 2006) even from the underdeveloped countries have now started to use social media, there is no doubt that these people became aware of social media much after the people of developed countries but still underdeveloped has succeeded to follow the trend and stayed in the game.


Many surveys have been conducted regarding the usage of social media in different countries, they were conducted to gather the data related to the number and type of people using the internet both in developed and in underdeveloped countries. A survey was performed across 39 different countries and 57% of the people said that they use the social media sites like facebook and twitter. It was believed that the use of social media was related to the national wealth but surprisingly with the survey, it came out that the relationship between wealth and social media usage is not as strong as the relationship between the national wealth and the ownership of smartphone and internet. Which means even the countries with lower national wealth have to show the good relationship with the usage of social media.

For example, the Middle East was the only country which showed higher levels of social media usage in comparison to other regions, although Israel is the only advanced economy of the region. Among five different north African and middle eastern countries, a media of 68 percent was found saying that they use social network sites. And compared to these, seven different Latin American countries which are not considered as an advanced economy showed a median of 59percent whereas the developed European countries showed a median of 55 percent. This clearly explains that national wealth is not directly related to the usage of social media.

Some of the major economies of the world show relatively low usage of social media, particularly Germany shoed 40% of median, japan shoed 39% whereas South Africa the underdeveloped country showed 43% and Tunisia showed 38% of median.

Only one in five adults in India and Tanzania used social networks and all of the five Sub Saharan African countries showed the internet usage below the global median with the survey performed.

This survey showed that the countries with relatively low internet usage have observed their use of social media skyrocketed as compared to the developed countries with good levels of internet usage.

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